Health, fitness and wellbeing.

George is exceptionally passionate about inspiring others to better their health.

Between yoga classes, fitness classes and personal training he is an extremely versatile coach with experience in coaching everything from strength and cardio to breath and flexibility.



1 hour session of active poses for balance and strength, followed by stretching and relaxation techniques.

Poses can be adapted so classes are suited all levels, even from a complete novice.

Fitness Classes

Fun, high intensity group fitness classes to get a great workout in, in only 45 minutes.

Personal Training

Complete support through the fitness transformation process.



George is experienced coaching and inspiring clients from very different walks of life achieve their fitness, health and wellbeing goals.

I have lost 6 kilos since I began working with George remotely. The steps were actually quite simple, but the accountability and reassurance have helped me completely change my lifestyle for the better.


Personal Training

George is a brilliant yoga teacher and he genuinely cares about each and every person who attends his classes .He is considerate and aware of each individual’s personal limits and adapts poses to suit everyone.




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