After following the usual corporate London career route I decided to follow my passion in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Yoga and fitness have progressed my wellbeing to an immeasurable degree. Being able to transfer those benefits to others, whether it be in group classes or private coaching is extremely fulfilling for me.

Although I am cross trained in yoga and fitness (with plenty of experience in both) I am still striving to improve myself day by day in other areas I see applicable to a health focused wellbeing offering. And I really believe this is what makes me so unique as a teacher and a coach. I see my teaching as my life’s work. It’s the means by which I can continue to learn for myself, and deliver more value to my students with each passing year.

I’m a huge advocate of looking at your health more broadly in life to find more contentment and fulfilment. Yoga has introduced me to meditation, breath and mobility. Fitness training gives me all the benefits of body sculpting and the post workout serotonin high (we’re all hopefully familiar with). It’s not as simple as yoga for the mind and fitness for the body but It’s a great starting place for anyone who wants to begin improving either.


200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Level 3 Personal Trainer