Why Needed

Mental health has been slowly deteriorating in both society and young people for a number of years now.



Compounded by the affects of covid, now more than ever education is required on how we can take preventative measures for students’ health and wellbeing.



A basic understanding of healthy habits and wellbeing tools can serve students not only around the time of peak stresses in exam periods, but outside of school, and life long after school.

Key Topics

Mental Health

A broad overview of mental health. Applicable statistics, changing societal attitudes and potential causations to put everything we’re talking about into real world context.


Scientifically proven, but tragically under publicised we look at how we can use our very own breath to reveal a host of health benefits to our mind and body.

Mindfulness Meditation

A specific type of meditation that is rightfully extremely popular. Mindfulness meditation is a tool from which we can accept ourselves more fully and become less reactive to would be triggers.


The unsung hero of the wellbeing world. We will look at how to implement a better sleeping routine and how it can benefit both your general health and performance.


Another huge culprit of poor health. Giving students a basic understanding of how food choices might impact their energy levels, concentration, bodies and health.


Workshops can culminate with a conventional yoga class. Putting some of the techniques we’ve learnt earlier into practice. We’ll experience why so many people practice this physical style of meditation regularly.

Our whole lives we’re presented with this never ending dialogue of thought that rattles through our minds. We can’t control the obstacles life will continue to confront students with, but preparing them with pivotal knowledge gives them a better chance at regulating their own thoughts, feelings and emotions; to understand themselves better, to go introspective and realise their potential.

Wellbeing Workshops
Wellbeing workshops consist of an interactive workshop where we work with the students to acknowledge mental health and the real moments in their life it affects them, in both moments of inspiration in pain. From here we’ll work through the other topic areas one by one, with interactive exercises.

The content within each session is tailored to the year group with younger students being given simplified concepts, and a greater proportion of their time in session dedicated to interactive exercises. The older a year group is, the more depth and detail they’ll receive. In either case workshops are designed to be engaging with as little time spent as possible just spent listening to information. And as much time as possible spent building positive associations to these positive habits of introspection and self reflection.

Each workshop can last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the age group of the students and whether we take a yoga class. However, we can take multiple workshops back-to-back over the course of a day with different groups of students.

About George
George is uniquely experienced in working with young people having worked in a school setting and with adults in a corporate one, all before changing career and qualifying as a yoga teacher and personal trainer. George’s experience and passion for wellbeing makes him uniquely experienced to deliver impactful workshops that students can relate to and resonate with. He is devout to bettering the lives of others by exploring and teaching various aspects of wellbeing that have the potential to transform lives completely if adopted as life long habits.

Workshops can be adapted to any time constraint or audience. If you’d like to find out more or book a session, please feel free to get in contact with George using any of the contact information below.