Personal Training

For those who have goals, but don’t know how to get there.

 Hiring a personal trainer takes the guess work and a majority of the will power out of the equation. Be given everything you need to work towards your fitness goals until you’re fully competent at taking the reigns for yourself.

How We Create Personal Transformation


Diet can be such a psychological battle. Together we will learn to work with yourself, and not against yourself to fuel your ambitions

Fitness Program

A training plan specific to your goals taking into account your preferences for how you like to train


Teaching proper technique and co-ordination so you know how to use your body and any gym equipment necessary

Progress Tracking

We’ll monitor progress by tracking metrics that are specific to the goals you set

Weekly Check-ins

Feedback on the program to make changes if necessary, as well as continue the accountability

How We Work Together To Achieve Your Goals

Personal training is exactly that, personal. Together we’ll set realistic targets against what you’d like to achieve and figure out the best, and most enjoyable means by which you can get there. I strongly believe within reason how you like to eat and exercise is very personal to you. I am a coach that will help guide you to the correct method for you so you can sustain your work and progress in the long term.
Common goals (non exhaustive):


Single Session


Pay for a single session, still including a program.

5 Sessions


Pay for 5 sessions in advance for a 12% discount.

10 Sessions


Pay for 10 sessions in advance for a 19% discount.

With yoga and group fitness classes

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For a custom plan including group fitness classes.


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