Private Yoga in Chelmsford


Personal trainers neglect the mind

Yoga instructors neglect the body

Work with George, personal trainer and private yoga in Chelmsford

Overweight? Weak upper body? Tight hips? Bad knees? Bad back? Poor posture?

Diet advice you still don’t know is bad and no idea what meditation does beyond ‘It helps you relax’?

The amount of knowledge to work on so many areas of your health at once is overwhelming.

You can find all this knowledge for yourself free, but it will time.

Then, even if you had the knowledge, would you be able to implement it and create habits before you got frustrated and gave up?

Hire George to shortcut the process, implement years of knowledge and hold yourself accountable to a coach to start getting results now.

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private yoga in chelmsford

George specialises in combining different practices into one routine.

Yoga improves: flexibility, balance, endurance, mental wellbeing

Personal training improves: strength, body composition, cardio and fitness

Importantly George understands how to integrate these habits and routines into your daily life without it ever feeling like it’s something you’re forcing yourself to do – this is the key to success!!

Benefits of private yoga with George


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There will be noticeable changes to the strength and size of your muscles practicing yoga with George regularly.


George loves to share the self-care practices he uses daily like meditation, breathwork, cold exposure and journaling.

Body transformation

Add a diet plan to your exercise routine and your body will naturally become leaner.

Add personal training

George is a personal trainer and can add a conventional gym based training plan to your routine.

More mobile & flexible

Muscles and other soft tissue will become more mobile as it is regularly stretched. This includes better posture.

Improve fitness

George teaches yoga to improve all aspects of your fitness; strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

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Private Yoga Clients

“George is a brilliant yoga teacher. Each practice is better than the last and he genuinely cares about each and every student. He is considerate, kind and aware of each individual’s personal limits and adapts poses to suit you. “

yoga student testimonial

Phoebe Abbott

“Very authentic yoga teaching, feel the energy and a true passion,. Wanting to educate and inspire others.. George Mastin is truly a gifted intuitive healer and teacher.”

yoga student chelmsford

Gulsun Pattie

“George has coached me ever since I was a beginner taking yoga classes and training in the gym. I’ve got so much fitter from doing both, and I’m so much more confident using the gym equipment now.”

yoga student testimonial

Saskia Mastin

“George is an amazing teacher and I always love his classes.
Great at providing variations on moves and always willing to help one- on- one when you need guidance”

yoga student testimonial

Natalie Haynes

“What an amazing person George is! Not only as a yoga teacher but also as a person!
His yoga classes are always fun! He helps not only beginners but also more advanced people to nail any of the poses.
Couldn’t recommend enough!”

yoga student testimonial

Alex Dziadowicz

Private Yoga and Personal Training: Value for money

£40 per class

private yoga class

Complete fitness

When was the last time a PT helped you address your mobility? Do you have any awareness of which parts of your body are tight? Do your wrists and knees hurt when you try to bare load on them?

Train at home

Private yoga, one to one, is perfect for beginners who don't feel confident enough to go to a studio or gym yet. Equally, if you're a busy professional with little spare time, practice at home to save every minute.

Cheaper than a gym PT

Without the need to rent gym space both you and I save expensive membership fees.

High quality coaching

George is a fully qualified yoga teacher, personal trainer and daily practitioner of several wellbeing practices. He's highly skilled and loves sharing his knowledge to transform others' health.

Perfect for beginners

George has taught 100's of beginners yoga and fitness. He knows exactly how to progress your ability in each to get results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose fat/weight doing yoga?

George can teach yoga in different styles. He can certainly turn your flow into a workout, but ultimately it is with the help of diet and lifestyle advice that will decide whether you lose weight.

What muscles does yoga work?

Yoga is a full body workout, but in George's experience yoga has made a big impact to core/ab muscles, arm definition and the muscles that stabilise and support our bodies into alignment.

What if I'm a complete beginner?

Bodyweight exercises and therefore yoga is the most ideal place for anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and/or wellbeing. Basic, bodyweight baring exercises are perfect for beginner to learn and engrain fundamental movement patterns.

Do i need to buy equipment?

George can provide all the equipment needed until you feel you're ready to buy your own.

What if i have an existing medical condition?

Any conditions or ailments can be supported with a yoga practice. In fact we may be able to cure some of your ailments through the stability and flexibility work yoga provides.

Can i do yoga if I'm not very flexible?

Everybody has to start somewhere. Teaching one to one, private yoga we can adapt the class to fit your body and gradually increase the difficulty as you improve.

how does yoga with pT work?

Simple. Somedays we'll do yoga and others we'll do fitness. Underlined by diet guidance too you'll quickly see changes to your body.

Does George only teach yoga in chelmsford?

No. George lives in Writtle, so teaches yoga and fitness in all areas nearby.

George is a yoga teacher, personal trainer and all round health nut.

He can help you transform your health, fitness and wellbeing so you can sustain these lifestyle changes for the rest of your life.

The benefits are priceless when you consider the rest of your life in terms of both quantity and quality.

George teaches fitness and private yoga in Chelmsford as well as surrounding areas.

Call or text George now on 07771558330 to book your first session.